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To incorporate UDL principles into your Current Events activities, add multiple means of presentation and engagement by using a text reader to read the articles aloud to students who may have difficulty with traditional, printed text. Find free text reader resources by navigating to the Digital Text page.

Add a news source to open on your desktop!

  • Answers.com offers free access to millions of topics from the world's leading publishers.
  • Watch 1-Click Answers, a podcast created by Frank Miracolo, to learn more about this excellent resource, how to download and choose settings to display the current day's events, both past and present.

Online News Sources in a Variety of Formats

  • Newser - Constantly updated news presented in a pictorial grid.
  • C-Span Classroom - Free resources for teaching government and civics. Watch video clips, download podcasts, read current news articles.
  • Newseum - Today's Front Pages. Compare the same news item from different regions.
  • Newsmap - Current events sorted and displayed by color.
  • Radio-Locator - Locate music or newscasts from radio stations in the language, country, or part of the USA of your choice.
  • Ten By Ten - Current events in pictures and words. 100 words and pictures that define the time.
  • Virtual Library Online Magazines or Online Newspapers Select the magazine or newspaper icon below the K-12 Virtual Library heading.
  • Why Files - Daily postings of up to date news articles on the science behind the news. A comprehensive resource for engaging students in science by asking why things work the way they do.
  • XTimeline - Explore and create free timelines online. Categories of available timelines include arts & entertainment, biography, history, organizations, science & technology, and more.
  • CNN Student News

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